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Treffer zu Schauspieler 'Aash Aaron'

Alien vs Zombies: The Dark Lurking

Unterirdische-Station Outpost #320. Alle Systeme sind abgebrochen, sämtliche Fluchtwege zerstört und eine extrem gefährliche Horde von Kreaturen flüchtig, nachdem Wissenschaftlern ein brisantes Experiment misslungen ist. Es gibt acht Überlebende: zwei Versuchsobjekte, drei Söldner, zwei Wissenschaftler und einen Mediziner. Sie verbarrikadieren sich in einem abgelegenen Teil der Station, mit wenig Nahrung oder Munition und kaum Hoffnung aufs Überleben. Die einzige Fluchtmöglichkeit zurüc

Jahr: 2010 | Länge: 97 min.
Genre: Action, Horror

The Dark Lurking

Something has gone terribly wrong at research station 320, a secret research facility one mile beneath the earth's surface. All communications are gone, all means of escape destroyed and an extremely dangerous horde of rapidly mutating ancient flesh eating creatures are consuming everything in their path. Eight survivors of the outpost, two research subjects, three mercenaries, two research technicians and a medic barricade themselves inside a remote area of the facility with little food, almost no means of defense and little hope of rescue. Their one possible escape route is through thirteen levels of terror that will lead them to the surface. And one of them is not who they seem to be, but the darkness itself which has taken human form.

Jahr: 2010 | Länge: 97 min.
Genre: Action, Horror


Watch StalkHer: Jack is pushed past the brink of his stalking obsession when he decides to break into Emily's home to take what he wants by force. However, his plans for her pain and his pleasure come unhinged when he wakes up to find himself bleeding and bound to a chair in her kitchen. For one night Jack and Emily engage in a twisted and thrilling courtship of the sexes that leads one to wonder which one of them will survive the night.

Land: Australia | Jahr: 2015 | Länge: 90 min
Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romantik


Watch I.C.U.: A sadistic voyeuristic killer is stalking the city. 3 curious teenagers while spying on their neighbors believe they've discovered his identity. But when your holiday high rise apartment is filled with hidden CCTV cameras. WHO is really watching WHO?

Jahr: 2009 | Länge: 1h 25min
Genre: Thriller
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