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Treffer zu Regisseur 'Ansel Faraj'

The Rising Light

Watch The Rising Light: THE RISING LIGHT, the new film from Hollinsworth Productions for Christmas 2013, is quite unlike any other science fiction film. It's a road movie. It's an odyssey across fantastical realms and worlds. It's an alien drama that blends 50's sci-fi with existential themes, the exploration of an outsider, and a study of loss and failure. It's a tale of magic and sorcery. It's written and directed by Ansel Faraj, the filmmaker behind this summer's DOCTOR MABUSE; and it stars Nathan Wilson as Daniel - a lost stranger in a strange land; Kathryn Leigh Scott as the ethereal Aya, Daniel's "mother"; Linden Chiles as tragic magician Nikolas Winter; and Derek Mobraaten as Alex, a young man who helps...

Land: USA | Jahr: 2013 | Länge: 52min
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi
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