A giant dog pool with a diving board hosts summer parties for the puppies


Canine Dip and Dive opens its latest 32ft pool for dogs in Maldon, Essex, ahead of Easter, and pet owners can book their pups for swim lessons and sociable parties

This is the perfect place for puppies this summer

While some puppies will be afraid to dip their paws in water, other breeds were born to swim – and this new 32-foot canine pool accommodates every one of them.

Canine Dip and Dive is a giant pool with a diving board for dogs, and hosts pool social parties, senior classes, and training classes for nervous puppies.

The canine business, set up by husband and wife, Andy and Jo Brownlie, is now opening its fourth location in Maldon, Essex, meaning even more dogs can enjoy this summer.

“Our new pool will be ready by Easter weekend and Andy is there today setting up the site. Everything is on deck at the moment,” said Jo Brownlie.

Pools are popular with all dog breeds


Canine Dip and Dive)

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The couple were inspired by their very own spaniel Buddy to start their dog pool business and help other pets who are afraid of water.

Their first site opened in Suffolk in 2017, and they’ve since created three more sites in Norfolk, Barkway and now Maldon – all of which have proven popular with puppies.

The pools have a floating ramp to allow dogs to easily get in and out of the water, as well as a diving platform for the more adventurous dogs.

Humans are also allowed to join their furry friends for a swim.

Canine Dip and Dive Hosts Pool Parties for Dogs


Canine Dip and Dive)

“The area around the pool is fenced and we have a number of group classes or solo sessions, so you can choose which is best for your furry baby,” Jo said.

The new Essex venues open on April 15 and prices start at £15 per dog for half-hour group lessons. Solo lessons cost £35 per session.

The Canine Dip and Dive in Maldon is at Gardeners Farm, Maldon, CM9 8BQ.

For more information, visit their website.

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