Agenda of the CSD4 Board of Directors meeting – December 13, 2021


CLARENDON COUNTY CONSOLIDATED DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD OF DIRECTORS – REGULAR MEETING 1154 Fourth Street Summerton, SC Media Center (at Old Scott’s Branch Middle / High) Monday December 13, 2021 | 6.30 p.m. Open to public – Mask required and via ZOOM Join Zoom meeting: Meeting ID: 840 1863 8839 Access code: 396308 Call number : +1 301 715 8592 US Public Participation (Policy BEDH) Instructions: Anyone wishing to speak during the meeting’s public forum time will give their name, address and the group they represent to the Board Secretary. administration at least five minutes before the board meeting begins by phone at 803-485-2325, by direct message on the ZOOM app or by e-mail. If the board determines that there is insufficient time at a meeting for public comment, the comment period may be postponed to the next scheduled meeting or to a special meeting called. The Board of Directors reserves the right to allocate a period of time for this purpose and to limit the time of speakers accordingly. Council welcomes public participation in Council meetings. Please note that all remarks by speakers should be limited to 3 minutes or less. We ask speakers to keep in mind that this is a business meeting and open to the public. This Council requests that speakers conduct themselves in a professional manner and that their comments remain courteous and courteous, bearing in mind that they will be heard by people of all ages. This is an opportunity for Clarendon County residents, community members and parents / guardians to address Council on matters that serve the public interest and the District’s mission. The Council asks speakers to show appropriate decorum. AGENDA 1. REMINDER TO ORDER 2. OATH OF ALLEGIANCE 3. MOMENT OF SILENCE 4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA 5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 15, 2021 MEETING 6. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ( BEDH POLICY) (See instructions above) 7. SUPERINTENDENT Report of a. Graduate Award Program b. Planning Safe Schools in the Clarendon County School District c. 2021-2022 Security Protocol Update for Clarendon Students and Staff 4 d. Clarendon 4 Academic Coach Initiative 8. DISCUSSION POINTS a. Financial update 9. EXECUTIVE SESSION a. Discussions on the hiring of staff and recommendations for 2021-2022 10. ACTION TO TAKE a. Approval of staff recommendations for 2021-2022 b. Approval of use of facilities for the classroom at Scott’s Branch High School of 1980 Walk from the old high school to the present Scott’s Branch 11 high school. ADJOURNMENT

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