Each Mario Party Superstars board, ranked


Mario Party Superstars is the latest entry in the Mario Party franchise, and it includes five iconic maps from previous Mario Party games, as well as fan-favorite mini-games. Each Mario Party Superstars board is unique because it features special mechanics and different ways to navigate the map.

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While every Mario Party Superstars board is awesome in its own way, some are better than others because they balance luck and skill in a way that makes every match completely unique. These are the best boards you can play on in Mario Party Superstars, and what makes them interesting to play.

Wooded woods


If you want to play on a simple board then Woody Woods is exactly what you will want to play in this board game. Woody Woods is a base map with a forest theme, and while it’s not a particularly bad theme, it’s not particularly unique either. You can browse the map and collect coins; However, there aren’t too many game-changing mechanics compared to a map like Space Land.

Although Woody Woods is mostly linear, there are a few different routes to take depending on where the arrows point on the board. Arrows change when you land on event space, so luck determines the map’s route for most of the match. The fact that the route can change instantly is the perfect type of chaotic fun you can enjoy in Mario Party games; However, it’s not as enjoyable if you prefer boards that require skill and strategy. Monty Mole can also change each arrow at a time, but you have to pay with coins.

The only mechanic truly unique to Woody Woods are trees, giving you coins or an extra dice roll if you land on nearby event spaces. There is a second shaft at the back of the board that does the exact opposite by removing parts or throwing you back on the board. Overall, if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly board that still has a few notable mechanics, then Woody Woods is perfect.


Fishing Birthday Cake


There are a lot of things about Peach’s Birthday Cake that are different from other Mario Party Superstars boards, and this is one of the most unique cards in the game. The main difference between Peach’s Birthday Cake and the other boards is that The star stays in the same place during the whole match, and it is always in the same place even if you start a new match. This linearity ensures a similar experience every time you play Peach’s Birthday Cake, and it takes away a lot of the strategy that you can use on other boards.

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However, Peach’s Birthday Cake is not without its strengths as it brings a lot to the table. First off, you can pay for Piranha Plants around the board, which steal coins and stars from enemy players when they walk through the space that connects to the plant. There are a few small Piranha plants and a large one, so there is some variety with this mechanic.

While Peach’s birthday cake is mostly linear, there are a few alternate ways to navigate the map depending on the spaces you land on during your turn. You can take a major alternate path that brings you closer to the star; However, you will also need to talk to Bowser about this path, which is a major downside. Plus, there’s a spot that lets you take a little shortcut, but that’s not a game-changer. Since Peach’s Birthday Cake is a very linear map, you should play it if you want a familiar experience in every match, but not if you want to play strategically.

Tropical island of Yoshi


If you love beach themes then tropical Yoshi Island is a paradise. This game board has two main sections and you have to pay Thwomps to travel between them. Every time you pay a Thwomp, the cost will increase up to the number of coins the previous person paid, which allows you to determine if it’s worth paying more so your enemies can’t get through.

Other than Thwomps, there are plenty of event spaces on Tropical Yoshi Island, and if you land on one of them, the star will swap places with Bowser. Bowser steals your coins when you visit him, so you want to avoid bumping into each other if you can. There are only two possible star locations on Tropical Yoshi Island, but it works well thanks to Mechanic Thwomp. Tropical Yoshi Island isn’t the best Mario Party Superstars board if you’re interested in a strategic challenge; However, it’s still a great card with a lot of fun features.

Land of horror


Horror Land is a fun board as you can meet a Boo in many different places on the map including a larger Boo which allows you to steal more stars or coins from your enemies. Event spaces in Horror Land change the time of day on the board, and while it doesn’t look like a big deal at first glance, it does affect whether or not you can take certain paths. Usually you’ll land on an event space randomly, so the match can change in an instant by preventing you or an enemy from crossing a path. However, Horror Land also involves a lot of strategies, as there are different paths to take and a plethora of Boo NPCs across the board.

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There are a few stores in which to buy items, so you usually have the option of getting items no matter which part of the map you walk through. Horror Land is one of the most beloved decks in Mario Party history, and it’s easy to see why given how it blends luck and strategy into the perfect experience.

Space Earth


Space Land is one of the best boards in Mario Party for one simple reason, and that is, it’s massive. There are many different directions to go on the board, and there are plenty of features in each path that make them all interesting for different reasons. There is also a unique mechanic where every time you or an enemy walks in the middle of the board, a counter counts down to one. When the counter hits zero, it will activate an explosion that can knock you down if you get in its way, which will steal all of your coins.

Additionally, you can pay for Patrols to chase enemies backwards on the board if they land on an event space. Every match in Space Land is a different experience, and strategy is extremely important to this board, which is why this is the best board in Mario Party Superstars.

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