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Treffer zu Genre 'Dementia'

Mind Game

Nach Jahren trifft der Manga-Zeichner Nishi seine Sandkastenliebe Myon wieder. Doch nicht nur seine Schüchternheit, auch Myons blendend aussehender Freund stehen ihm im Weg. Und dann sind da noch zwei knallharte Yakuza, die dem freudi- gen Wiedersehen ein brutales Ende bereiten und Nishi eine Kugel verpassen. Im Jenseits von Gott schonungslos mit seinem verpfuschten Leben konfrontiert, reißt Nishi all seinen Mut für eine zweite Chance zusammen. Wieder auf der Erde, nimmt er sein Leben in die

Land: Japan | Jahr: 2004 | Länge: 103 min
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romantik, Animation, Adventure, Dementia, Psychological

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Im Jahr 2015, 15 Jahre nach dem verheerenden Meteoriteneinschlag auf der Erde, wird die Bevölkerung von Neo-Tokyo 3 von biomechanischen, "Engel" genannten Kampfmaschinen bedroht. Eine Einrichtung namens NERV soll die Wesen aufhalten. Die eigentlich 26 teilige Serie wurde von Vox zu sechs 90-minütigen Filmen zusammengefasst. Diese liefen dienstags um Mitternacht.

Land: Japan | Jahr: 1996 | Länge: 30 min.
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Animation, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Dementia, Psychological

Acchi Kocchi

[Ger Sub] Acchi Kocchi erzählt über den alltäglichen Wahnsinn der fünf Schulkameraden: Tsumiki, ein auf dem ersten Blick kleines und zurückhaltendes Mädchen, das aber manchmal ihre Emotionen nicht so ganz wie sie es möchte nach Außen tragen bzw. zurückhalten kann; Io ein Brille tragender und cooler Alleskönner, der alle Mädchennasen zum bluten bringt; Hime, das liebe, höfliche und gutherzige Mädchen der Gruppe; Mayoi, die Lustige im Laborkittel, deren Kopf leider mit zu viel Wahnsinn und Verrücktem vollgestopft ist und Sakaki, der Witzbold, der von seiner Art her am besten zu Mayoi passt.

Land: Japan | Jahr: 2012 | Länge: 25 min
Genre: Romantik, Animation, Dementia

Serial Experiments Lain

[Ger Sub] Lain Iwakura scheint ein ganz normales Mädchen zu sein, das kaum technische Erfahrung besitzt. Allerdings führen die E-Mails einer toten Schülerin dazu, dass sich Lain immer mehr mit Computern und dem so genannten „Wired“ befasst. Schon bald erfährt sie, dass in der Welt des „Wired“ nichts so ist, wie es scheint – Nicht einmal Lain selbst.

Land: Japan | Jahr: 1998 | Länge: 24min
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Supernatural, Dementia, Psychological

A Wind Named Amnesia

The Apocalypse didn't come with a BANG. Silently, the amnesia wind swept away all of mankind's knowledge. Thousands of years of human civilization vanished overnight as people forgot how to use the tools of modern civilization - who they were - how to speak - everything.Technology decayed as mankind was instantly reduced to level of cavemen.Now, two years later, a young man explores a nation reduced to barbarism - America. Miraculously re-educated after the cataclysm, he is accompanied by a young woman- somehow spared the obliterating effects of the amnesia wind. Pursued by a relentless killing machine, they search for those responsible for stealing their memories.

Jahr: 1990
Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Dementia

Angel Egg

The plot for Tenshi no Tamago is not something that can easily be related in words. The film is largely about the presentation more than action, and understatement instead of open revelation. Existentialism abounds, heightened by the moody artwork and the dialogue, which asks more questions than it answers.Bear in mind, however, that the conflict in the plotline primarily occurs in the audience's mind, not in any sequence of actions in the film, spurred by speculation arising from one jarring impression after another. There are only two primary characters in Tenshi no Tamago: a young girl who bears an egg and a man who holds a strange cross. The audience is left to speculate as to the identities and true personalities of these two images which act in this disturbing world. Indeed, much of their dialogue involves the question "dare ka" (who are you). For such an existential film, however, this is perfect, as any open declaration of their thoughts, instead of such questions and mysterious actions, would ruin the mystery of the film.

Jahr: 1996
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Dementia

Boogiepop Phantom

A light in the sky, followed by a strange aura and grisly murders. Each character tells there own connection to the event and to a similar murder spree 5 years ago. All of the different stories are slowly tied together by seemingly minute similarities and the story of Boogiepop is unraveled.

Jahr: 2000 | Länge: 4h 48min
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Dementia, Psychological

Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

The end of the Neon Genesis Evangelion left many questions as to the fate of NERV, the Children, the Angels, and many other plot factors unanswered, unexplained, or otherwise hanging. To answer a legion of now befuddled Evangelion fans, Gainax remade the ending into a two-part movie known as Death and Rebirth which was to supersede episodes 25 and 26 of the television series, which then led to this movie, Death and Rebirth itself being recreated into part one of The End of Evangelion. It begins much in the same fashion, with the final Angel already having been defeated, and the current enemy switching to humanity itself as SEELE unleashes its own plan for the Evas and NERV... and indeed for the entire human race. What role will Shinji play in this ever-tense situation, as NERV gets chewed to pieces by SEELE's crack commandoes? Will Gendo's plan swallow up all of humanity? Will Hideaki Anno ever figure out how to end an anime? These questions and more will be answered in what looks to be the final installment of Evangelion. But at what price?

Jahr: 1997 | Länge: 1h 30min
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Dementia, Psychological


Nothing interesting happens in Naota's life since his brother left for America, leaving him with his grandfather and father in their boring little town. On his way home with Mamimi—his brother's ex-girlfriend—a pink-haired, crazy woman riding a Vespa named Haruko suddenly slams into him, kisses him, and then bashes him in the head with her guitar before riding off. The next thing he knows, the crazy girl is working as his housekeeper, two robots sprout from his forehead to do battle, and the surviving one starts living with him as well. I think it's fair to say that Naota has parted ways with his old mundane life.FLCL is a kooky coming-of-age story with surprisingly deep undertones as the twelve-year-old Naota develops through the wild antics of Haruko and matures along the way into adulthood.

Jahr: 2000 | Länge: 2h 31min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Parody, Dementia

Fooly Cooly

Naota is a normal Japanese 6th grade boy (although a little cynical), but when his older brother leaves for America to play baseball, his brother leaves his homeless 17 year old girlfriend Mamimi behind. Mamimi is sending mixed signals and advances to Naota, and he doesn’t know what to do about her. But to make matters worse, Naota’s world is totally turned upside down when he is run over by a woman on a Vespa.During their first encounter, she hits him over the head with her guitar, which then causes a horn to grow out of his forehead. She calls herself “Haruko” and her presence changes Naota’s life to even further insanity.

Jahr: 2000 | Länge: 2h 31min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Parody, Dementia

Ichi the Killer

He wears the number 1 on his back.Eyes red from crying, he screams incoherently as he creates death all around him.What does it take to create an insane assassin who only feels primal lust when he sees life slip from the eves of the living?Koroshiya or Ichi the Killer Episode 0 is the prequel to the film which was edited heavily in it's release to other countries outside of Japan due to the nature of it's excessive gore. The live action suddenly becomes cheesy prop blood and dark humour which then pales in comparison to the spirit of psychopathy involved in the molding and twisting of Ichi during his youth.

Jahr: 2001 | Länge: 2h 9min
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Seinen, Dementia, Psychological

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku

In a loose retelling of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, Utena Tenjou arrives at Ohtori Academy, only to be immediately swept up in a series of duels for the hand of her classmate Anthy Himemiya and the power she supposedly holds. At the same time, Utena reunites with Touga Kiryuu, a friend from her childhood who seems to know the secrets behind the duels. Utena must discover those secrets for herself, before the power that rules Ohtori claims her and her friends, new and old.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romantik, Shoujo, Dementia

The Adolescence of Utena

Tenou Utena is the handsome new student at Ohtori Academy, who, since her break-up with Student Body President Touga, has assumed the identity of a male. One day, she receives a ring from one of the roses in the schools garden and out of nowhere, a floating arena appears in the sky.The duel arena, where The Rose Bride, and the power to revolutionize the world awaits.

Jahr: 1999 | Länge: 1h 25min
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romantik, Shoujo, Dementia

Yami Shibai 3

Yamishibai is a picture-story style of animation whose motif is surrounded and based off rumors and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.

Jahr: 2016 | Länge: 5min
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Dementia

Yami Shibai 4

Yamishibai is a picture-story style of animation whose motif is surrounded and based off rumors and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.

Jahr: 2017
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Dementia
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