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Watch Niofar: Niofar, is a visual poem which tells the story of a young woman's stay in Senegal where she hopes to find her place in the community. This personal film is a metaphor of the amazing and unique experience lived by Hugo's brother, Colin Lemant. He lived for one year at Grand Mbao, a small village of Senegal. There, he shared the day to day life of the villagers, becoming totally integrated, learning the local language, giving himself and investing himself totally to them. Thanks to Colin, the rushes taken in Grand Mbao have a powerful strength of truth has they have been taken from the closest point you can get of the community. The characters are not disturbed by a foreign presence et...

Jahr: 2016 | Länge: 7min
Genre: Dokumentation, Documentary | Short

Facebook: Cracking the Code

Watch Facebook: Cracking the Code: "What's on your mind?" It's the friendly Facebook question which lets you share your story. It's also the question that unlocks the details of your life and helps turn your thoughts into profits. From tracking your browsing data to fake news and targeted ads, Four Corners explores the world of Facebook and how we are being exploited to drive the huge success and influence of the social media giant - even if you don't have a Facebook page at all.

Jahr: 2017 | Länge: 41min
Genre: Dokumentation, Documentary | Short

Making 'superman': Filming The Legend

Jahr: 1980 | Länge: 2h 4min
Genre: Documentary | Short
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