Kerala Boy’s Flex Board Congratulating for Passing Class 10 Receives Congratulations from Minister


After skimming through voluminous notes and spending hours studying, a student is likely to be thrilled to pass the exams. While most celebrate success with perhaps a cupcake, one class 10 student from Kerala has stepped forward to do something bigger. Jishnu alias Kunjakka from Pathanamthitta district in Kerala ended up installing a flexible board to congratulate himself after passing the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exams.

A photo of the quirky flex board later went viral and was also shared by Kerala’s Minister of Education, V Sivankutty, on his Facebook page. “History gives way to certain people. I congratulate ‘myself’ on passing the SSLC 2022 exam,” the board said.

After passing the exam, Jishnu was truly on cloud nine as his council read further: “The story begins now. Kunjakku version 3.0. The flex board also featured a photo of Jishnu where he is seen wearing sports goggles and posing with complete confidence.

Jishnu’s creativity made the rounds on the internet and also won praise from the minister. “Kunjakku himself said that history gives way to some people in the flex. I wish it were so. May Kunjakku also achieve great success in the review of life,” V Sivankutty wrote in his article.

Jishnu had always seen flexible boards of top hats being set up across the street once the results of the board exams were announced. So he thought of doing the same thing, but for himself. However, he did not have enough financial support for his projects. Jishnu also shared the idea with his friends, who not only joined him but also arranged the money to print the flex board. They printed the large flexible panel with the original lines and a picture of Vishnu, Manorama reported.

Jishnu also shared that he was mocked by some of his friends and family who said he would not be able to pass the exams. Therefore, he decided to announce his win in the most unique way, Mathrubhumi reported.

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