Manchester United reveal make-up of club’s new fan advisory board


Manchester United have announced the composition of their new Fan Advisory Board.

Club co-chair Joel Glazer discussed his creation in June at what was his first fan forum in 15 years. His participation came after fans’ angry backlash against the much maligned Super League and the protests that postponed a Premier League game between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford.

The newly formed Board of Directors consists of seven representatives, who will each serve for two full seasons, drawn from various backgrounds and appointed on a voluntary basis.

Christopher Saad, an experienced lawyer and lifelong United fan, and Richard Arnold, the club’s group chief executive, will co-chair the board.

The board will meet four times a year with five senior club officers who have also become permanent members, and Glazer is expected to attend the first meeting next month.

A statement from United said: “The Fan Advisory Board is designed to create a channel for in-depth consultation at the board level, with a focus on long-term strategic issues, including stadium development.

“It will run in parallel with the Fan Forum, which will continue to focus on operational issues affecting fans. “

United Director of Operations Collette Roche added: “The launch of the Fans ‘Advisory Board is a historic step to ensure that supporters’ perspectives are always heard and understood up to the highest levels of the club.

“It will improve decision making and reduce the risk of conflict with fans on the most important issues.

“We agree with the independent fan-led review of football governance that fans need to have a strong voice in the flow of the game, and we believe that our Fan Advisory Board and Sharing Program proposed fans are consistent with this important goal.

“We are delighted to have attracted such a high caliber of individuals to the board, all with a strong passion for United combined with the skills to advocate on behalf of the fans.

“I look forward to working with Chris (Saad) and the other reps to put the board in place and give it a key role at the heart of the club.”

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