Moffat school board welcomes new members and bids farewell to those who leave

New Moffat County School District Board Members, left to right, Heather Cannon, Lynne Seely, (covered) Krystal Fedinec and Cindy Looper read their oaths as they join the board.
Eliza Noe / Craig Press

New members of the Moffat County School Board joined the outgoing members for this month’s board meeting to be introduced to principals and others in the school district before the current board elects new leaders for the board of education.

Superintendent Scott Pankow introduced the new board members ahead of Thursday’s meeting, which was attended by both administrators and faculty.

In November, voters in Moffat County went to the polls to recruit four members who will serve for years to come. Incumbent Cindy Looper will return to the board as an individual member, a position she has held since her appointment to the board in 2019. As for newcomers, Heather Cannon has occupied the District A seat, which has been empty for some time. . Lynne Seely won the District B seat and Krystal Fedinec the other seat in her personal capacity following this year’s election.

Board holder Dr. Elise Sullivan will step down from the Board and Headquarters Jnl Linsacum, who was appointed to her position on the Board in 2019. Sullivan served as Secretary during her tenure at board of directors of the CMDD, and Linsacum held the position of treasurer of the board of education. With dinner and cake, the district celebrated Linsacum and Sullivan’s service to Moffat County schools.

“I just want to say it was a pleasure working with (Linsacum),” said JoBeth Tupa, board member. “She has always been a great addition to our team. “

Sullivan also received the McGuffey Award from CASB, the Colorado Association of School Boards. The McGuffey Award is presented to board members who provide engaged and passionate service to their work on the board.

“Elise Sullivan, family physician at the local hospital, has been an invaluable resource to our community,” said Board Chair JoAnn Baxter. “Before the pandemic, she led a campaign to introduce a recreation district that would fund the recreation center. She encountered many obstacles (but) she remained determined to make it possible. While participating in these activities, in addition to her full time job, she also helped teach the district sex education program, and she has always supported our schools and our health program.

The new members were sworn in Thursday evening, just before appointing the new members of the board of directors. Jo Ann Baxter, who served as President during the previous term, will continue as Chair of the Board of Directors. JoBeth Tupa, who held the post of vice-chairman, will be followed by Chris Thome, who now holds the post for the next two years after a unanimous vote. Looper will replace Sullivan as secretary of the board. Board members have decided that MCSD CFO John Wall will now be treasurer.

Only the positions of president and vice-president should be members of the education council, so the council decided that Wall – who already manages reports and takes care of the district’s bank accounts – would be the most appropriate choice.

The motion was moved by Looper and seconded by Tupa. He went 6-1. The dissenting vote came from new member Seely.

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