St Mary’s Children’s Home welcomes board member after 30 years of service


St Mary’s Children’s Home in Rosettenville said goodbye to Lynne van der Merwe, who has served on the organization’s board of directors for 30 years.

The children’s home held a special function for van der Merwe on March 25 to celebrate the work she has done for the home over the past 30 years.

Sonja Harmse, CEO of the children’s home, said: “Lynne is a remarkable woman. She was always the person who chose to work in silence and not try to do everything for her credit. Lynne and her husband, Koen, became part of the St Mary’s family and always helped where they could. Recently, one of our children passed away, but Lynne cared for her until her last breath to ensure she received the best possible care.

Lynne van der Merwe with some of the children of the house in front of a special cake made for the occasion.

Lynne is a nurse by trade and recently retired.

For now, Lynne and her husband, who reside in Alberton, are now moving to Walkerville before moving to the coast.

The children welcomed Lynne for the last time with a birthday cake and a special “going away” party.

Lynne said: “Seeing the kids and how wonderful they are is always something that will stay close to my heart.

Serving on the board is not something everyone can do. It must come from the heart. I will always feel like part of the St Mary’s family and will be back from time to time to visit everyone.”

Each child in the children’s home wrote Lynne a special farewell banner.

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