Superb! Will Lock Upp reality TV get Will Smith on board?


Bombay: Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp has been making headlines lately. The show is getting interesting with each passing day and the contestants are doing a fabulous job creating the content that the audience wants. Lock Upp is full of controversies and ugly fights between contestants. And the show host Kangana Ranaut’s honest opinion is the icing on the cake.

Niw, Kangana mentioned how she hopes Will Smith will come to Lock Upp. The actress wrote, “If some idiot used my mother’s or sister’s illness to make a bunch of fools laugh, I’d smack him like Will Smith did…that’s a bad shot. .I hope he comes to my prison.”

Producer Ekta Kapoor, who shares a great equation with Kangana Ranaut, was quick to react to her story and wrote, “Aaaaajaaaao! Asma and Payal are waiting.” For the uninitiated, Asma Falla and Payal Rohatgi are the contestants of the show.


Next, she shares another story clarifying how many views Lock Upp garnered last week contrary to what is reported.
She wrote: “Last week #lockupp views were over 30m but mafia media was bringing in 4.5m which was just one episode live views and I had also posted, kitna dard ho raha hai ki spreading fake numbers… kitni jal rahi hai dekh ke acha laga.”


Lock Upp is an engrossing reality show with all the ingredients that will keep you glued to your seat: a daring celebrity host, gripping tasks, dramatic combat, and a thrilling mix of contestants who will do anything and everything to survive in the dark. broadcast prison.

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