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The long-awaited second season of Bridgerton was released on Friday, March 25, and it has consumed fans’ lives ever since. Whether you’ve already been drinking all season or trying to spread the fun around, 18th century regency romance is an absolute experience.

From royal balls to stunning dresses, everything about Bridgerton transports you. It’s a complete escapist shot and the short snap back to reality once you turn off the TV is still humbling.

So, I went looking for a restaurant in Bristol where I could at least try to enjoy the Bridgerton aesthetic in real life. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw the florist promoting their new “brunch boards” and they caught my eye.

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I’ve visited the Park Street restaurant before, albeit for an evening meal as opposed to brunch, but remembered that the interior is quite close to Bridgerton, as I can find it in Bristol. I made a reservation through the website and started my inquiries into these “brunch boards”.

The brunch platter menu has six categories, where you can choose one option from each. There are sweet and savory options and it is priced at £15, with optional extras at different prices. Options include sausage, eggs, Nutella French toast, carrot cake and more. If you want you can pay an extra £15 and also add bottomless drinks.

There is a wide range of choices

I chose: the fried eggs, the Cumberland sausage wheel, the hot croissant, the pot of passion fruit and coconut yoghurt, the pain perdu with Nutella and the oats of the day with the cake carrots. The boards take on a ‘tapas’ type shape and I decided to share mine with my boyfriend although there certainly wasn’t too much food for one person.

I first tried the croissant and it was outstanding. Fresh and warm, with the perfect crunch on the outside and softness on the inside. With the strawberry jam it was delicious and hard not to order another one.

The fried eggs were also good. Nothing more special than your medium eggs, but how much can you ask for with fried eggs? I don’t eat pork myself, but then my boyfriend tried the Cumberland sausage wheel with bacon. He was impressed with the bacon but couldn’t even finish the sausage.

I’m not a Nutella fan but the French toast was good, the Nutella wasn’t too heavy so I enjoyed it. However, if you are a Nutella lover, you might want a little more chocolate spread.

Next, the apparently passion fruit and coconut yoghurt. The flavor was absent, it just tasted like milk and I didn’t make it past the first half spoonful. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much more appreciation for overnight oats than carrot cake.

The doors of the florists
The interiors of the florist, however, are completely stunning.

The flavor was there, unlike the yogurt, but the texture was just too unpleasant for me. But this may just be a personal qualm.

On a brighter note, I ordered a mojito made with Bacardi Coconut, Jawbox Pineapple & Ginger Liqueur, Guava Juice, Almond Syrup, and Mint and it was absolutely delicious. Despite the relatively disappointing ‘brunch board’, I still like the florist for drinks or dinner, so I’ll order the mojito again.

The interiors of the florist, however, are completely stunning. Decadence pervades all three floors, and the sunlight on the top floor makes it a lovely place to while away the morning. Dramatic curtains and floral velvet armchairs are completely Bridgerton-esque; next to large doors and fireplaces.

Although my taste buds aren’t exactly tingling, it’s not the worst brunch I’ve ever had. It was definitely “Instagrammable” and I felt like Lady Danbury was going to walk through the doors any moment.

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