5 Best Beginner Board Games for Adults


Board games are no longer just about rolling a dice on the board or climbing the ladder to reach 100. It has gone beyond the monopoly style of play, with interactive stories and gameplay that have given a new perspective to this kind of game. More importantly, the best board games are available on the virtual platform where gamers can have the same flavor of fun and entertainment when playing with their smartphones. Yes, cardboard-style games are gradually drifting away into the dusty past, and new versions of the same old games are emerging to dominate the market.

The new features and elements added to the mobile version have increased its market size. As a result, revenue generated from the entire board game market, including online and offline versions, is expected to increase by $5.81 billion between 2020 and 2024.

The result was visible during the COVID pandemic when the year-long lockdown drove up sales of board games (both mobile and tabletop) in 2020, especially among adults.

So it’s time to introduce some of the new mobile board games to our parents and elders.

Since adults still reside in ancient times where they fought snakes or rolled dice to escape death, a few adult board games for beginners might change their palate a bit. Let’s dig!

#1. bingo mania

It is probably one of the classic free online board games designed to give players immense joy at every stage of the game. It is quite simple to play and easy to excel in no time. You need to press given numbers on a bingo card and match the called numbers on each of the cards. Once all the numbers called line up with the numbers on the card, you have won. Remember to play with several cards to win more BINGOS!

Are you ready to shout BINGO out loud after every victory?

#2. four in line

Another popular name in the category of free online classic board games was played by a great traveler, Captain James Cook and his shipmates during their long voyages. That was ages ago, but Four-in-Line still finds its place among the top board game favorites. In this game, you have to make sure that the 4 matching pieces are sitting together, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Try to find a unique match before time runs out, or your opponent grabs the first unique match. So, are you ready for a first win? Play Four-in-Line for free.

#3. Cartoon Clash Chess

Chess is a household name and everyone knows the dynamics of the game. Needless to say, it’s not a game for amateurs without getting checked out every step of the way. However, an online board game looks a bit like the original version; it’s called Toon Clash Chess. Imagine a chessboard filled with animated characters instead of the same old black and white figures of pawns, elephants and horses! Yes, these cute characters are a refreshing breath of the classic version. But don’t think the rules are slightly bent. Cartoon characters are attractive to watch; they can be deadly if you don’t know the rules of the game. Game mechanics are similar; Strategically move your pieces on the board to checkmate all of your opponent’s moves within 10 minutes.

Do you think you can win the match? Think again !

#4. Pin

How strong is your English vocabulary? It’s time to test that, but not with Scrabble. The digital version, also known as Paperback, is more interesting and fun to play. Scrabble is old school; Paperback is the new best friend for gamers who like to play with words. The latter allows players to draw a deck of letter cards to create words and earn points. These points allow players to purchase new letters to create complex high-scoring words.

Like the old version of the board game, Paperback allows up to four players to have fun and earn a chance to beat the AI ​​opponent’s three different difficulty levels. The associated visual and sound effects are refreshing compared to Scrabble’s lackluster whiteboard approach. This is one of the best board games for adults, especially when they are in the nascent stage of the game. The simple rules of the game are easy to follow and the tap and tap mechanism makes Paperback a breeze.

#5. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders may not be child’s play for young players, but adults can easily tackle the small complexities. That’s why we picked this game as one of the best adult beginner board games. Winning the mobile game is a bit tricky, especially when players have to make strategic choices throughout the game to dominate the game. But your choices will alter the gameplay for you accordingly. Therefore, different choice gives different gaming experience which makes 7 Wonders so interesting. You won’t get bored following the same path over and over again. 7 Wonders is a card drawing game where players take and play a card before giving the rest to their neighbor. These cards are your resources to build an ancient wonder, advance technological progress and earn possible bonuses to increase your victory points. Forcing players to choose wisely and providing plenty of competitive strategy opportunities elevates 7 Wonders’ engagement factor. The digital version follows the same rules, with seven players doing tricks and AI opponents to beat.

Board games are best enjoyed with family or friends sitting cross-legged around the board. But the busy schedule rarely allows people to come together for a fun recess. But that doesn’t mean we have to pack up our boards and shove them into the farthest, dustiest corners of our shelves. The exact flavor of the fun game can always be enjoyed with our smartphones. Cloud gaming platforms have done a fantastic job of bringing the classic versions for gamers to play board games online. Internet users love virtual versions because they can play with their friends whenever they want, but from a safe distance.

Here’s why we like mobile versions of board games more –

#1. The fun element is intact; But more

The mobile or PC version of classic board games like Ludo or Monopoly didn’t deviate much from their tabletop version, especially in terms of game rules and entertainment. Instead, the exciting factor lies in adding more to their original profile. Sound effects, animations, rulebook and chat room are some additional attributes that make digital board games more appealing than their predecessors. Moreover, most online board games offer interactive gameplay, which has taken our favorite pastime to a whole new level.

#2. Convenience to play

Many players could argue; classic tabletop board games were the best for having a good family time or a cozy afternoon together. But these tabletop games weren’t ideal to carry around everywhere you go. The convenience of the game is one of those things that sets their mobile versions apart. There are hordes of free online board games to play with friends. People can enjoy it even while traveling or between working hours.

#3. play with others; But at a distance

You’re not even cut off from your best friends. Okay, the mobile version involves a single player to play with a single smartphone. But who said that the developers had restricted the number of players for a game? Multiplayer options let you bring your gang together to play and share inside jokes through chat options or other chat rooms. So you get the same flavor of fun play with your chosen playmates while maintaining social distancing protocols.

Table board games have come out of hiding when families get together. But, when friends and families are physically absent, the mobile versions take over to allow playing together remotely. Whichever version you choose, online board games will always be favorites for all gamers, ages 10 to 60. Like the ones mentioned above, mobile versions of classic board games can give you the same fun and excitement just like their ancestors, with added perks. The latter has a lot more to offer besides sound effects and animations. The interactive gameplays breathe new life into them, something you won’t find in tabletop board games.

So start playing board games 2.0 and share your experiences with us.

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