Cambria County judge appointed to state ethics committee


April 8 – HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Cambria County Court of Common Pleas judge has been appointed for two years to a state judicial ethics committee.

Justice Linda Rovder Fleming was chosen for a two-year term on the Judicial Ethics Advisory Council by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on April 1. She was also named chair of the board.

Fleming will serve alongside eight other judges from all levels of the Pennsylvania court system to provide ethical guidance to judges.

According to Fleming, the work of trial judges has so far been done through the Judicial Ethics Committee of the Pennsylvania State Trial Judges Conference, which has existed for 30 years. Fleming has served on this committee since 2011 and has served as chair since October 2020.

In January, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Max Baer began considering options to assess how the state was handling the ethics process, and it was decided that a council would be formed under the Supreme Court.

Fleming said she looks forward to continuing the work she has done with the committee in this new form.

“I’m really excited to be working with the new board,” said Fleming. “The Judicial Ethics Committee was one of the highlights of my judicial career.

“It’s a wonderful group and we have thoughtful discussions on really important issues, and everyone I work with on the committee are great lawyers, so I’ve enjoyed being in this role for over 10 years. years old and I was worried that maybe that part of my professional career was over.

“So when I got the nomination I was thrilled, and then being asked to be the president was the icing on the cake for me. I was just happy to have a job, but to be again in a leadership role is a huge honor for me and one that I take very seriously.”

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