Charter School Files Lawsuit Against Carmel Clay School Board


CARMEL, Ind. – A charter school seeking to add a new location in Hamilton County has filed a lawsuit against the Carmel Clay school board.

Valor Classical Academy filed a lawsuit Friday in Hamilton Superior Court, claiming the Carmel Clay school board failed to comply with Indiana’s code when it failed to notify the Department of Education. of the closing of Orchard Park Elementary School.

In a statement from Valor sent Monday, they allege that the CCSB failed to “properly report the decision to close and make the school building available to a chartered organization for one dollar” and therefore violated the law.

The founders of Valor said their hope for the lawsuit is that “the Court will determine that the CCSB must report the closure of Orchard Park and follow all rules relating to the closure and any change in use of the building, thus opening a window of time in which a charter can claim the building.

“Orchard Park is taxpayer owned and no longer used for classroom instruction,” said Holly Wilson, founder of Valor. “We would like to return this facility to productive use by opening a classic school that supports parents, students and educators and adds new opportunities and value to this vibrant community.”

In response to the filing, the Carmel Clay School Board sent the following:

“The Orchard Park property is an important asset to the neighborhood and we remain pleased to partner with Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation to ensure the future use of the property benefits our entire community. We are aware of the lawsuit filed by Indiana State Representative Christopher Jeter on behalf of the Indiana Classical Schools Corporation. Response to a complaint to the Indiana Attorney General’s office confirmed that we have been fully compliant with the law regarding the use of our property. CCS will now effectively address the matter through the legal process, if necessary. »

Emily Bauer, Director of Community Relations, Carmel Clay School Board

This is a developing story. This article will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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