How to build a beautiful board

“Around the Table” by Emily Delaney.Handout

Emily Delaney, the self-proclaimed The Cheese Board Queen, has earned a reputation for her spectacular and bountiful cheese and charcuterie boards full of color and texture. His boards are so clever that one might hesitate to choose the arrangement. Based in Chicago, Delaney leads workshops and has built up a massive following on Instagram. Now she has a new book, “Around the Board.” The hardcover has great photos and instructions on how to create 50 beautiful boards. It’s also a rough accident on cheese and how to pair charcuterie, fruit, condiments, honey and jams, crackers, etc., as well as serving and styling – even shaping prosciutto into ribbons. It is organized by seasons and holidays, which makes it possible to enjoy the colorful fruits of the time. First, you go through the shopping list. Then the pages guide you through the process of assembling the ingredients. You find that you don’t always need nice wooden planks for a platform. In the book, the arrangements are built on trays, cake pans, trays, and even in a paella pan. A favorite is the Mother’s Day platter, which includes triple cream cheese, red berries and salami roses (there are instructions and a photo on how to fold and roll). A platter of spring vegetables stands out with its multicolored carrots, purple cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, snow peas and other choices. Beer and wine pairings are also included. Delaney says in the book that a board isn’t just about food, but it creates a vehicle for people to come together. As she says, “It’s the best icebreaker in the world for a room full of friends who haven’t met yet.” ($22 to $25). Available at Greentail Table, 343 Watertown St., Newton, 617-244-3510,, amazon.comand other booksellers.


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