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The chairman of the Joliet Board of Fire and Police Commissioners resigned again, saying he did so for personal reasons.

Herb Lande said he informed city officials on Wednesday that he was resigning. He attended a final board meeting on the same day.

“I wish you all the best of luck. It has been one of my greatest pleasures to be part of this council,” Lande told his fellow commissioners at the meeting.

These commissioners are Craig Purchase, Brad Price, Rosa Hernandez and Quinn Adamowski. The board oversees hiring, promotions, and discipline in the police and fire departments.

When Lande was asked why he quit, he replied, “Just personal reasons, nothing political.” In July 2020, Lande briefly resigned from the police board for what he called personal and professional reasons.

Lande, owner of Imperial Construction in Joliet, said he was still “very busy with work and family.” He said he also plans to “do a lot of traveling.”

“I think I left them in good shape,” Lande said of the board.

Lande was first named to the board in 2015 after Bob O’Dekirk was elected to his first term as mayor of Joliet the same year.

Lande’s company had been one of O’Dekirk’s main donors to his campaign.

As of Thursday, Lande and his company had donated about $20,000 to Citizens for O’Dekirk, the mayor’s campaign fund, according to Reform for Illinois’ Sunshine Database, which compiles campaign contributions reported to the Illinois Board of Elections. State of Illinois.

Bob O'Dekirk, Mayor of Joliet

When Lande resigned in 2020, he said he was ‘livid’ after reading an email in which fellow commissioner Todd Wooten said the council did not trust former police chief Al Roechner and accused Roechner of attempting to intimidate the alleged whistleblower, Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda in the Eric Lurry case.

Lurry died in January 2020 of a fatal drug overdose after his arrest by Joliet police.

Lande returned to the council when O’Dekirk asked him to rescind his resignation as the council was down to three members and could not meet if a single commissioner failed to show up.

Lande left the council again after being appointed to Joliet City Council in December 2020 following the resignation of Don Dickinson, who accused O’Dekirk of alleged bullying over nude photos of Dickinson.

Dickinson has since been charged with attempted obstruction of justice in connection with the incident.

During Lande’s time on the board, he voted to pay former Joliet city attorney Marty Shanahan $200,000 in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against the city. Lande also voted to approve the hiring of James Capparelli as the new city manager.

Lande returned to the police board in August 2021 following Wooten’s resignation as chairman.

Wooten resigned after accusing Capparelli of interfering in board business and claiming he sometimes “played the race card” to do so.

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