Make this Tiramisu Cake Recipe from Portale in New York


Every component has a chance to really shine in Mitchell’s cake and no detail is overlooked. Ladyfingers, for example, don’t come out of a box. “I do all my ladyfingers,” she says. She draws them in circles so that she can distribute them evenly in the foam. “With every bite you get that soaked lady finger.”

Then there are the crispy buttery Biscoff cookie toppings. “It’s basically like a wafer, but the chocolate hardens and the added fat from the Biscoff makes it softer,” she explains. “So it ends up being really gooey, but firm enough to hold its shape at room temperature. Then you get the extra flavor of Biscoff cookie flavor as well.

The finished cake is minimalist in beauty simply adorned with cocoa powder and a ring of Biscoff chocolate wafers — and that’s how Mitchell likes it. “I think with all the TV shows and stuff, people are used to most of the extra stuff now. But I think you can make something look really, really clean and really, really simple, but be really delicious,” Mitchell says. “First and foremost, it has to taste good. Layers need to eat well. As you should have the crunch, you should have the sweetness. You should have the creaminess of the mousse.

Since people may feel inclined to stay comfortably at home this Valentine’s Day, Portale is offering tiramisu cake as part of its takeaway offers (legend has it that tiramisu has a sexy past making it an ideal treat for Valentine’s Day). Why not try making a modified version, though?

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