Old Fashioned Vegan Ginger Cake Recipe


Old Fashioned Vegan Ginger Cake Recipe

This old fashioned spiced vegan ginger cake is moist and sticky and will last a long time in the cake pan. Enjoy it with a cup of tea and reminisce about your childhood cooking with grandma.

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So, first of all, gingerbread isn’t really bread, the same way banana bread isn’t bread, or ginger nuts don’t contain nuts.

In fact, the word gingerbread is a derivative of the Old French word, gingerwhich referred to preserved ginger (stem).

My vegan version comes from a few sources, Delia Smith’s indispensable Book of Cakes and Margaret Costa’s equally essential Four Seasons cookbooks.

What I also love about these old-school recipes is that they were made with the busy housewife in mind. They are quick to prepare, usually pouring wet ingredients into dry ingredients, mixing well, then baking.

Although I am not a lazy cook, I am a busy cook and love a recipe that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Because this old fashioned vegan gingerbread isn’t too sweet, I like to add a simple lemon sugar glaze since lemon and ginger have a natural affinity.

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