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Oswego dog owners will pay a $40 annual fee to use the village’s new dog park under an ordinance passed by village council in a unanimous vote on May 17.

Contractors are currently constructing the dog park on a village-owned lot at 100 Theodore Drive, across from the village public works center and just south of Oswego High School.

The facility, the first of its kind in the village, is expected to open by the end of June, as installation of the park’s fencing will begin after Memorial Day, May 30, according to village officials.

The fees and regulations for using the park were proposed by Village staff after reviewing dog park prices and admission policies at 24 other Chicago-area public dog parks.

Of the 24 parks studied, six offered free use of their facilities while another 18 required some type of payment.

“For all dog parks that require payment/permit, the average price for a resident is $44, $82 for non-residents, $15 for each additional dog for a resident, and $25 for each additional dog for a non-resident. The average price for a day pass is $8,” reads a note from village staff.

In addition to the $40 annual fee for Village residents with a dog, Village staff recommended that the Village charge $10 for each additional dog.

Non-residents will be charged $80 for a license for one dog, then $15 for each additional dog.

Day passes will cost $10 per dog under the proposal.

Dog park permits will be available on the village website at oswegoil.org.

To pay, dog owners will obtain a fob from the village once their license has been approved. Dog owners will use the key fobs to enter an electronic gate system that will be installed in the park.

“By using a remote control system, the village will better understand the demand and use of the park, prevent the sharing of access codes on a keypad system, and if there are any problems at the park, the village will be able to identify users who were at the park at the time of the incident,” the memo from staff reads.

Under approved park rules, dog owners will be required to show proof of licensing and vaccinations for their dogs; not have more than two dogs; keep their dogs in sight and under voice command at all times; let their dogs in and out of the park; and clean up after their dogs.

Dog park owners will be responsible for any damage or harm their dog may inflict on village property, humans or other dogs.

The rules also state, “Use of this facility may expose you and/or your dog to injury. This is use at your own risk.

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