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Well, look at that! We’ve made it through the first round of the playoffs, the draft lottery is behind us, and before you know it, the 2022 NHL Draft will be here! The Flyers are expected to pick fifth overall this year, but we’ll see if that ends up happening – they traded their first last year, and Chuck Fletcher referenced the 2019 draft a few times, in which they came back in the first round to pick up a second round pick, so we can’t rule out a similar move being out of play this time around. We’re on our toes, that’s for sure, and we’re preparing for whatever may happen in this draft, and where the Flyers will end up choosing.

Which means, of course, for us, the 2022 Community Draft Committee is here! Many of you are probably familiar with the drill by now, but for those new to the series, we’ll work through round one, profiling one player per day, and you good readers can pick the order. in which they arrive.

We’re kicking things off with our top overall pick tomorrow, so let’s take a look at your names to choose from.

Shane Wright

“Wright is the top prospect in the 2022 NHL Draft. He’s a very well-rounded center who doesn’t have any noticeable flaws in his skill set, but also doesn’t have a ton of his game that gets you too excited. He can skate and handle the puck like an NHL player. Wright’s game is reflected in his competitive and straightforward style of play. He takes the pucks to the net and plays with rhythm. He can shoot up to make a hard pass, but he’d rather get the pucks inside or shoot. His shooting is his main weapon and the main reason I think he can become an NHL star, showing off his ability to pick long-range corners consistently. Off the puck, he’s competitive and responsible, showing maturity beyond his years. He projects himself as a No. 1 center in the NHL due to his all-around play, but likely won’t be an elite scorer in the league. – Corey Pronman, Athletics

Juraj Slafkovsky

“Juraj Slafkovsky is a very, very special player. Incredible hands and mobility for a guy as huge as he is. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t in the top five selected in the 2022 draft. He’s raw now , but the best-case scenario with him is sky-high. Derek Neumeier, Future Considerations

Logan Cooley

“When it comes to Cooley, his strengths aren’t hard to identify. The American center is one of the premier two-way pivots in this draft class, rivaling Wright in the eyes of some in the Scouting community. Cooley reads the game extremely well, which allows him to run the show in the offensive zone, but also to back up and cover his defenders if they choose to get in the game with the puck. His vision allows him to see plays develop easily and execute clean zone outs. – Scott Matla, Canadians have their eyes on the prize

Matthew Savoy

“Savoie is a creative player who looks for the best possible way to create the offense and get the puck into the back of the net. He will analyze all possible options and make the best possible play in a split second, creating an attack before most defenders have a chance to react. Savoie’s hockey sense and skill with the puck make him the most dangerous player on the ice at any given time. He will exploit the slightest error in the defense’s coverage and make the defense pay, creating high danger scoring chances in the process. Everything Savoie does is calculated and you will rarely see him make a mistake or go out of position in the offensive zone, making him one of the smartest players available in this draft class. – Matthew Somma, Smaht Scouting

Simon Nemec

“Statistically speaking, Nemec’s profile indicates that he is clearly the No. 1 defenseman in this draft class. He made history with excellent age-adjusted results in Slovakia’s top flight Tipos Extraliga over the past two seasons. My assessment of his game reflects that as clearly. But a poll of NHL scouts still puts him in the range 5-10 ahead of him, and NHL Central Scouting ranked him sixth among European skaters in their midseason list. And while I can understand the arguments for and against every other player considered close to the top of the 2022 class, I don’t see the case against Nemec as anything other than a top five. – Scott Wheeler, Athletics

And there we have it! And all you have to do is vote. First choice overall, who do you have?


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