The Infrastructure Malta Board: a partisan club


Infrastructure Malta’s new board is now effectively a constituency office for Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia.

The new board was announced last week and will be led by architect Ray Farrugia. Its members include a large number of Labor Party canvassers from Minister Farrugia’s constituency.

The new vice-president Josef Azzopardi is the mayor of Marsa, the first district in which Aaron Farrugia is elected.

Silvana Civelli, a member of PL club Hamrun, has no academic qualifications for the role but will earn a few thousand euros a year sitting in board meetings.

Karen Schembri de Paola is also on the board. A former confidant of Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, the staunch Labor supporter joined minister Owen Bonnici’s secretariat but returned to Fearne’s fold several years ago. She got a managerial job in the office of Mater Dei CEO Celia Falzon.

Retired Army Officer Raphael’Il-Bagollu’ Farrugia was also appointed to the board by Minister Farrugia. The 70-year-old is known for his unconditional support for the Labor government during the Mintoff era. He is the father of Elena Zammit Lewis, wife of former Attorney General and current MP Edward Zammit Lewis.

Infrastructure Malta’s board also includes Nadia Gatt Curmi, the architect to former Transport Minister Ian Borg when he applied for a controversial development permit to turn a dilapidated rural building on the outskirts of Mġarr into his house in 2014. Curmi was later appointed director at Borg’s ministry.

This week, the minister also appointed Ivan Falzon, a former solicitor and personal assistant to former parliamentary secretary Franco Mercieca, as CEO of the entity. Falzon was previously CEO of Mater Dei and later appointed to the Water Services Corporation, all positions he obtained through political appointments.

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