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A cake fit for a queen looks pretty perfect. But if you ask the editors of Southern Living magazine, they have a carrot cake recipe that’s even more royally delicious than the cake that’s actually served at Buckingham Palace.

“Truly our best carrot cake recipe, make this classic favorite for a crowd and you may not have any leftovers to take home,” the magazine wrote when introducing its carrot cake recipe. “We even tested our recipe against the Queen of England’s Carrot Cake, and the Southern version won a landslide victory.”

How do they differ and why is Southern Living better? The magazine tried The exact Buckingham Palace recipe for the carrot cake he serves at the palace.

Here’s a video with staff member Ivy Odom showing off both cakes, with a taste test comparison near the end of the video.

The queen cake features shredded coconut and grated carrots as the main ingredients, along with nutmeg and cinnamon. It also only has a single layer of lemon cream cheese frosting on top.

In true Southern fashion, the Southern Living cake adds pecans and crushed pineapple to its carrot cake, doesn’t include nutmeg, and has three layers with a buttermilk glaze between layers.

Odom says the decadent buttermilk frosting takes over the Southern Living Carrot Cake.

However, she also enjoyed the more minimal frosting on the Queen’s Carrot Cake, which has lemon flavor in the cream cheese frosting. Odom also liked the moist texture of the shredded carrots and coconut in the Queen’s Carrot Cake.

Here’s a video of how Southern Living makes their carrot cake.

“This is the carrot cake they need to serve the queen,” Odom says as he compares the cakes.

She gives Buckingham Palace’s cake a 9 out of 10, but still says her magazine’s “Best Carrot Cake Ever” deserves the crown. Do staff members prefer their own cake, though? Well, the recipe only has six reviews, but they’re all great: all six reviewers gave the cake five stars.

Which cake would get your royal approval?

[H/t: Southern Living]

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