WCA Board Plans Westchase 30th Anniversary Celebration


The Westchase Association’s April 14 board meeting announced plans for a community party and saw talk of their management company charging heavily for services the WCA did not receive.

Opening the meeting, WCA Treasurer Dale Sells said the association was operating at breakeven for the year, with overall expenses and revenue down. “The biggest item that’s going up,” he said, “is legal fees.”

After Woodbridge Voting Member Rick Goldstein gave an update on the CDD’s efforts to eradicate a vulture roosting site near The Bridges, Director Eric Holt, Chairman of the WCA Budget Committee, reviewed communication between Cindy White of Greenacre Properties, Inc. (GPI) and him. GPI is the WCA’s contract management company.

Stating that the budget committee took a closer look at WCA expenses to determine if the board could save money on particular items, Holt said he inquired with GPI about the ‘one management company fee, an annual charge of $5,000 for iCloud storage.

Last month, the WCA board voted a tie on Holt’s motion to bid on the management contract, whose term ends next year. The current contract was negotiated behind the scenes, with no bidding and minimal public board discussion, by former WCA president Ruben Collazo, who no longer sits on the board. administration. Greenacre has been Westchase’s management company since the developer turned the association over to residents more than two decades ago. The contract with Greenacre has not been tendered for more than a decade.

Holt said White first told him about the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center data backup fee and then, he added, coincidentally informed Holt that they would no longer have to pay the fees. costs. “I will be very transparent,” Holt said. “That raised a red flag for me.”

Holt then followed up, asking for a storage deal or load-related subscription plan and White told her she would have to investigate. White, Holt said, responded that some oversight had fallen through the cracks. “It was a load for a server that didn’t exist,” he said. “We were billed for services not rendered.”

Holt said he then requested more documentation relating to Greenacre’s charge. “Unfortunately I never got a response from Cindy and it’s been six weeks.” He added that he felt the board needed to be more assertive. “It could have lasted several years.”

The board unanimously passed a motion allowing Holt and WCA President Shawn Yesner to request a meeting with White and GPI owner Ryan Greenacre to resolve the issue. Yesner said Greenacre recently contacted him to discuss renewing the management contract.

The director of the association, Debbie Sainz, then made her report. “The pickleball courts are finished,” she said. She added that the geothermal pool heating at Countryway Boulevard was fixed and she was working with the new website builder. “Our goal is to do that by the end of this month.”

Sainz went on to detail the planning for Westchase’s 30th anniversary party, which the WCA will be hosting on Saturday, May 21 in West Park Village. (Details will be announced in May’s WOW.) The rally will include food trucks, family entertainment options like face painting, bouncing houses and carnival games held by Westchase VM volunteers. Westchase organizations like WOW, the Westchase Charitable Organization, Westchase Rec Center and Westchase Freebooters Krewe will also be in attendance, with WOW staff handing out birthday cake. She also confirmed that a tank dunk would be featured.

“I’ll bring my bathing suit,” promised WCA President Yesner.

“I’m looking for other volunteers,” Sainz added with a laugh.

Sainz said that with local business sponsorships, expenses were under budget at $5,000. She added that revenue in excess of costs – along with proceeds from the dunk tank – will be presented to the Westchase Charitable Foundation.

After Sainz said expenses with insurance put current costs at $5,700, at least half of which was offset by sponsorships, the trustees unanimously approved the party’s current expenses.

The administrators then heard a fine call for a resident, cited for painting his house incorrectly. Trustees reduced the fine from $1,000 to $100 on the condition that within 90 days he combs the house to match what the changes committee approved in 2018. They also heard from an Enclave resident , cited for street parking, which said it was parked in an area where the Enclave HOA allows owner parking. Trustees voted to drop the matter until Sainz discusses it with the Enclave’s property manager. After waiving all but $100 of the two additional $1,000 fines for violations resolved by owners and giving a third owner some extra time to deal with the turf repair associated with the removal of a tree, administrators unanimously approved monthly fines for unresolved act restriction violations, as recommended by the Covenants. Committee.

Administrators then voted to suspend facility use and voting rights for 95 Westchase owners who have yet to pay their HOA assessments, incurring additional legal costs, leaving the association with $66,000 in costs and unpaid expenses.

WCA manager Joaquin Arrillaga has said he will reappoint West Park’s Mary Griffin to the WOW board on April 25, but he is still looking for an additional Westchase resident to fill a vacancy. . He emphasized his desire to find someone with experience in accounting or marketing. “I’m very impressed with the way WOW does things,” he added.

The directors concluded by approving their lawyer’s request that his firm also be able to represent The Vineyards HOA. They also discussed at length a resident’s request for reimbursement of the variance committee’s $150 fee after that committee disagreed with the amendment committee’s denial of the landlord’s request to install shatterproof windows. – hurricane decorative grid pattern. The refund request, however, failed when it only gained support from director Keith Heinemann.

Directors adjourned at 8:36 p.m.

By Chris Barrett, Editor

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