YouTuber follows AI-generated Oreo cake recipe, that’s how it tasted


Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications that many believe can replace the role of humans. In many sectors, this replacement is already visible. But, in some others, it might not work as effectively. To test this, a YouTuber named Ann Reardon, who runs a channel called How To Cook That, whipped up a cake recipe using an AI and tried to follow it for final results. Ann used an AI called GPT-3 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. The AI, through algorithmic operation, can generate written texts such as articles and poems. Created by OpenAI, this language model is powered by billions of parameters.

To test whether an AI can really perform as well as humans in various sectors, in this case food, Ann tried to develop a recipe. “The first two recipes that went viral were just plain useless,” Ann said in the video. She added that on the third attempt, he spread out the recipe for a “Super Moist Giant Oreo Cake.”

Take a look at the video here:

According to the AI, the Super Moist Giant Oreo Cake “tastes so good, all eyes will be on you as soon as you serve it.” The AI ​​generated recipe had some errors when it came to tracing the ingredients – the AI ​​added gum in the recipe – and the process. Treating them the same as “human error,” Ann made a few tweaks but mostly stuck to what the AI ​​spat out.

With ingredients such as butter, chocolate, Oreos, chunks and cake mix, the process produced what looked like a cake, but didn’t look like it because its texture was quite hard, a said Ann, adding that the cake wasn’t “wet” as the title claims.

When the cake was taste tested, the reviews weren’t bad. Ann’s husband and son, although they struggled to get the cake onto their plates in one piece – as it was too brittle – enjoyed the taste.

Well, looking at the video, it looks like it would be decades before AI could take over the world, as the sci-fi movies claim.

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