What Our Lifestyle Says About Us And What Makes It Healthy

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Is looking healthy and living healthy the same? Achieving both at the same time is the dream but life throws challenges our way and not everyone can keep up with them. To maintain such a lifestyleis relatively easy for fitness enthusiasts but what about the others who just can’t seem to find the time, motivation or energy to spare on their well-being?

There is one lifestyle that that is created for us and one that we create for ourselves. The balance between the two increasingly determines our happiness quotient. Everybody wants to live life on their own terms and we should, but at what expense are we willing to change our daily habits that shape us as individuals? There are several basic components that make this possible, but the main defining factor is being able to use it to one’s best advantage by tailoring it to one’s own needs.

Indian way of life

It is interesting to note how some practices followed by the Indians keepthem healthy. In India, religion is a way of life and people follow discipline as an observance of their faith. Discipline is imperative when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is an ancient practice, widely followed by the people, which demands concentration on their breath, yielding a more fulfilling life. The festivals play a huge role too where people of various beliefs observe fasts as a way to abstain from certain kinds of food to practice self-control. These traditions keep them going and adds meaning to their lives.

Healthy Lifestyle

Sleeping cycle

Sleep has become almost a foreign concept to most of the young adults today. The only time one remembers this concept is during the early morning zoom meetings which automatically puts one to bed. Now this is the lifestyle that is created for us as we have no control over it. We are aware that sleep isimportant, but the pandemic has greatly influenced our body clock. One is either sleeping less due to inactivity or sleeping excessively due to boredom. Instead of morning alarms, we need to set bed-time alarms and let go off our electronic devices, allowing our minds and eyes to get the rest they need.

Food habits and Exercise

Eating home-made food is always better than packaged food which is heavily processed and heavy to digest and so are we told. The appeal of the beautifully packaged meals defeats the mundane home-cooked food, but our body does not feel the same. It requires nutrients to fuel the body. Yet, we continue to abuse our bodies by a lack of physical movement which further instigates health problems. Staying at home has made our bodies inactive and inflexible which demands immediate change.

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